March 9, 2016

Our Services

Our base customers are residential:  We provide service with a smile and we pride ourselves on careful treatment of your cans and lids.  We pickup in subdivisions as well as on dirt roads.  Call us today to see if we are in your area!

  • Business Pickups:  Miller’s also carries a variety of dumpsters for business use.  Many local businesses have Miller’s dumpsters behind their place of business and we happily pick them up regularly.  We don’t like to see our beautiful City littered with trash and neither do you.  Call us today to help keep Clinton beautiful by using Miller’s for your business refuse.
  • Dumpsters for residential use:  For those of you who may be cleaning out that shed, putting down new carpet, moving or for any other reason you may need a container to place a large qualtity of things you don’t want.  Call us today for special pricing!
  • Industrial and Commercial:  We have roll off dumpsters for those of you who own businesses that generate a large quantity of refuse or for those of you who are in construction or may have a large remodeling or clean-up project.  Call for details!

Click on the photos below for a larger view of our equipment…