March 9, 2016

About Us

After 30 years of serving Clinton, Arkansas and many of the surrounding areas we are now proud to say we are growing and expanding!

We are STILL a family owned company and appreciate the continued loyalty of our customers to their LOCAL trash hauling provider. We have built Miller’s Sanitation Service from a small business serving only 150 customers with a 10 yard-3/4 ton, packer truck that my father, John Miller, bought from a local man back in the late 70’s and grew it into the business we have today. Today’s modern equipment allows us to serve all of Clinton and Van Buren County’s growing population including our base of residential customers as well as those needing commercial and industrial service (see equipment photos).

We are your neighbor…

With the recent closures of Pilgrim’s Pride, Volex, the Boat Factory and Culpepper Plastics, we know that times are tough here locally. We understand that many people are out of work and that money is tight everywhere right now.  But, we also know that people still make trash and we would like to be the company to pick it up for you!  Our prices are competitive and will, more than likely, be the smallest bill you will have to pay each month.   Unlike big city (and nationwide) corporate haulers, we’re local and we do not require months of payment in advance.

Recently, we have had calls from as far away as Batesville and Mayflower from residents hoping that we could provide service to their areas because of our competitive prices and excellent service!!  While we are not large enough to go out that far yet, we know that one day, with the loyalty of our great customers, we may be able to expand into those other areas.